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Pizza Roll Pasta Casserole is an easy dinner recipe.

Pizza Roll Pasta Casserole

Pizza Roll Pasta Casserole is an easy dinner recipe loaded with great pizza flavours. The base of the casserole is a mixture of penne pasta and bite size pizza rolls. I used Pillsbury Pepperoni Pizza Bites but Totino’s Pizza Rolls would work just as well. To make this pepperoni pizza casserole I started by boiling some penne pasta and the…

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Bacon Cheeseburger Pierogies.

Bacon Cheeseburger Pierogies

Bacon Cheeseburger Pierogies are the perfect comfort food for the cold weather months. This easy dinner recipe puts a spin on popular bacon cheeseburger pasta dishes by substituting pierogies for pasta. Pierogies are delicious dumplings filled with mashed potatoes that can be made from scratch or found in the frozen section of your grocery store. For this dish I used…

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Easy sausage and egg breakfast casserole recipe.

Sausage Egg Casserole Topped with Cinnamon Rolls

Sausage Egg Casserole Topped with Cinnamon Rolls is a delicious and easy breakfast casserole recipe. Breakfast casseroles are great for holiday gatherings and with Christmas coming up I decided to try out a new recipe. This cinnamon bun breakfast casserole would be the perfect meal to serve your guests on Christmas morning. If you make a lot of casseroles I…

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Easy ground chicken casserole piece

Easy Ground Chicken Casserole

This Easy Ground Chicken Casserole is a great weeknight dinner. This easy ground chicken recipe can be put together in about ten minutes and then thrown in the oven. If you make a lot of casserole I highly recommend you invest in some baking dishes with lids. They make storing leftovers so much easier and are great for transporting food.…

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Cheeseburger Casserole with Pillsbury Biscuits

This Cheeseburger Casserole recipe is a different take on the classic burger. Your kids will love this cheesy dinner casserole and you will too! Ground beef and traditional burger toppings are all combined and topped with cheese and refrigerated biscuits to get that burger taste in casserole form. I love making casseroles because they are so easy and don’t dirty…

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Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole

This Loaded Potato Meatloaf Casserole topped with mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon is a perfect easy dinner recipe. It is one of the best casserole recipes I’ve tried and is so easy to make.  This easy ground beef recipe serves four and takes less than an hour from start to finish. Pull out this recipe when you need a delicious…

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Chicken & Green Bean Casserole

This Chicken and Green Bean Casserole is super easy to make and a great way to get your kids to eat some veggies.  This dish serves six people and takes just over an hour from start to finish. I had some green beans in the freezer and don’t really enjoy eating them on their own so I figured why not…

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Maple Pancake Breakfast Casserole

This Maple Pancake Breakfast Casserole is the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch recipe.  The recipe serves four but can easily be increased to feed a crowd. Perfect for entertaining over the holidays. This could be your Christmas breakfast. This tasty dish has all your favourite breakfast foods in one pan.  I started out by laying frozen hash brown patties in…

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Cajun Chicken and Biscuits Casserole

This Cajun Chicken and Biscuits Casserole is a simple dinner recipe perfect for when you are short on time. It has a bit of a kick but is not overly spicy. The casserole serves four to six people and only takes about half an hour from start to finish. How awesome is that? This is a super easy weeknight meal…

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Baked Italian Sausage Ravioli

Baked Italian Sausage Ravioli is a delicious easy weeknight dinner. I’ve made ravioli from scratch before by making my own pasta dough and rolling it out with my pasta maker but it definitely takes a bit of time. Last night I really wanted ravioli but did not feel like all the time and effort that goes into making pasta from…

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